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Great app - Easy to use

Great value and so easy to use and saves me so much time! I was shocked by how much time and brain energy it saved me. Simple & easy...gotta love that.

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I almost couldn’t believe it was real! For my first test I had Notely generate some notes copy for me. I immediately shared the results with a friend who couldn’t believe it was written by an AI. Notely is worth every second off ur time!

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Sai Ankith

Time Saving and Better

Notely is a fantastic tool for writing notes and getting started on class notes. No longer do I have to ask others for the notes which i have not written and can save a lot of time and energy plus i can understant the concept better.

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I would thoroughly recommend Notely

I have tried a few AI apps but so far the best outputs have been on Notely. If you need to create quality notes quickly, I would thoroughly recommend Notely.

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